Speaking Topics

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Jenna Lang combines knowledge of God's Word with humor, insight and a celebration of the hearts of women to deliver fun and engaging messages. The following are her current topics, but she can work with your leadership team on a particular theme, too.

The Self Image God Has For You  
As Daughters of the King, one of the most amazing things we choose for ourselves is a Princess Perspective. In this talk, you’ll discover:
  • The Three Ways to Build Self Image (Hint: The two most common ways won’t help at all)
  • The Secret to Seeing Yourself as the King’s Daughter
  • How to Change Your Self Image from the Inside Out

There’s a big lie out there, and you might be shocked to know that you can see it, touch it and feel it! The GREAT news is that you can have AMAZING faith regardless of what you can see, feel and touch! In this message, Jenna shares:
  • The way the enemy makes a lie look true
  • The way you tell whether something is Truth or Lie
  • How that will change your life forever!
Fall Forward
Were you an an unwed teen mom? A top political leader? An incredibly popular prostitute? A quiet housewife? God used all those women, and He can and will use you, too. In fact, what you see as your Mess is exactly what He will use in His Message. This unique message uses drama to lead your group through the struggles and victories of several women in the Bible. Women will leave convinced:
  • God Sees Me
  • My Life Matters
  • God Wants to Work Through Me to Impact Others
  • I Can Get Started NOW

There is a delightful (almost juicy!) freedom is doing what you’re created to do! Imagine what your group could accomplish if more of your women were confidently and joyfully doing exactly what He created them to do! In this message, which includes a comprehensive gifts assessment quiz, Jenna walks your group through these questions:
  • What am I created to do?
  • How do I know?
  • Once I know, what do I do?
H.E.L.P. for Tough Times
We’ve all seen tht amazing woman who goes through a tough time with grace and hope. We know she’s hurting, and we even see her tears. But she has an incredible peace… how does she do that? It’s not a secret that we need Hope, Encouragement, Love & Peace—especially during tough times. This talk (most helpful when shared in 2 or 3 sessions) moves through the Bible to show exactly what we should do to not just survive, but THRIVE during tough times! In it, you’ll learn:
  • Why You Have to Close Your Mouth!
  • Agreeing with God Means Truth is More Powerful than Fact!
  • When You Have to Open Your Mouth!
  • The Importance of Not “Looking Over the Wall”!
  • That “Mind Control” Isn’t Just for UFO Movies!
  • The Best Place to “Fill ‘er Up!
Christian Business Women
Running three businesses, a home and a family? Feeling like you'll never get it all together-- or worried that if you do it might create a rip in the time/space continuum? It's possible to be a woman of excellence in love with Jesus even if you don't make homemade bread each morning as you homeschool your children. (Those gals are amazing, aren't they?) In this message, God's Proverbs 31 Christian business women celebrate:
  • Their divine appointments in the business world
  • Their special calling to help their families
  • The amazing creativity and solutions God has gifted them with
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